Problem Defining Activity by Entrepreneur Club

With the key motto to imbibe and sharpen the entrepreneurial skills of the students, the Entrepreneur Club at the B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Technology & Management conducted a “Problem Defining” activity for its pupils on March 3, 2023.  

We understand the entrepreneurial journey is not as easy as it superficially seems to be. An entrepreneur gets posed with various challenges while developing new products, processes, or even businesses. As such, obtaining a breakthrough solution to the problem is crucial for the success of any business. What generally happens is that most entrepreneurs attempt to solve the problems by articulating the importance of the issues. They, however, fail to rigorously define the problem because the rigor gives a different perspective to the problem. 

The purpose of arranging this activity for the students was to equip them with the ability and skills to be able to define the problem rigorously. Students were asked to come up with a business idea and also list out the problems they could expect to face during its implementation. Then they were asked to approach audiences and seek their opinions regarding the solution to this problem.  

The activity enabled the students to come across various perspectives concerning the solutions to the same problem. They learned that there could be many solutions to a problem, provided they have the ability to put in the right thought process and analyze an issue from different viewpoints.