The Department of Management Studies at the B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Technology and Management recently hosted an exhilarating event called “MANFEST 2023” on March 29, 2023. The event was a great success, with many students participating in various business activities to challenge their potential and boost their confidence.

Here’s a glimpse of the events that took place during MANFEST 2023:

  • Business Quiz: The quiz was organized to test participants’ knowledge in and beyond academics. We awarded participation certificates to the best three participants of each event to honor their spirit of enthusiasm.


  • Startup Talk: The startup talk event aimed to make students self-reliant by developing their entrepreneurial skills. Participants discussed their business ideas, the market potential, and the financial requirements to start their own ventures. Seven teams participated in the event, presenting various ideas on different lines of business, including Foundry Setting, Formal Fashion, Startup Funding App, Stock Trading and Learning App, Advertising and Marketing, and Electrical Bicycles. We felicitated the three best teams with merit certificates.


  • Debate: The objective of the debate event was to develop crucial skills in students, such as confidence, curiosity, critical thinking, communication, control, creativity, camaraderie, and leadership. Seven teams of two members each participated in the event, expressing their thoughts on one of the eight given topics. We were delighted to see students learning all the planned objectives and expressing themselves confidently during the event.


  • Stock Wizard: To develop students’ knowledge of the share market, we organized an event called Stock Wizard. Participants used virtual money to learn about investing, buying, selling, shorting, and covering. Sixteen students participated in the event, and we felicitated the three students with the maximum return with merit certificates.


  • Logo Defining: The purpose of the Logo Defining event was to deepen students’ understanding of how logos play an essential role in marketing and help create a brand image in the consumers’ minds. Six teams participated in the event, and we felicitated the three best teams with merit certificates.

Overall, MANFEST 2023 was an incredible opportunity for our students to challenge themselves, develop crucial skills, and showcase their talents. We are thrilled to have hosted such a successful event and look forward to organizing more events like this in the future.