Campus Life

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Life at Anangpuria is much more than basic teaching. It is a vibrant & thriving place where we dare to provide every possible facility to the students for their holistic development. Anangpurias are the keen believer of lifelong learning by doing and sharing.

It is not just the Institutes for higher studies; it is the community where every single student and staff is co-contributor in transit the knowledge, thoughts, talents, ideas etc. The distinct feature of the Anangpurias is the open door policy of the management that addresses every suggestion and feedback from the students and staff and continuously striving to upgrade the facilities.

Anangpurias has an unparalleled history wherein our students not only excelled in their professional careers but also have given horizon to several cultural, technical, Athletics and community services events which are now become the regular feature of Anangpurias’ Campus life. Frequent activities are being conducted at inter and intra-Institute levels to offer boundless opportunities to the students showcase their talents, thoughts, idea, skills so that they can be connected by their similarities and enriched by their differences.

Become a Student at Anangpurias

Anangpurias are committed to upholding an invigorated learning environment based on the principles of excellence, integrity, objectivity and responsiveness lead by experienced and dedicated faculty and staff. Therefore, academic excellence is the primary criterion for admission in Anangpurias as we seek students having good academics records and who are passionate about their selected professional career.

Becoming a student at Anangpurias will provide you with boundless opportunities not only to excel in the chosen professional career but also to explore the innate potentials. Here you transcend the physical and mental barriers by Anangpurias

  • Highly qualified, experienced, passionate and competent faculty members
  • Beautifully architecturally designed buildings having world class infrastructure
  • A tech-savvy environment with internet connectivity and dedicated wi-fi zone with 50mbps speed.